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Where To Visit - The Faeroe Islands

Hey travelers!

In the summer vacation (which is quite a while ago by now) I was visiting the Faeroe Islands. I have an amazing friend who lives there and I badly wanted to see her so me and some of my friends went on a trip to the Faeroe Islands. It was an amazing trip, I climbed a mountain, ate whale and flew in a helicopter! It was so much fun, and I want you to experience the same fun. So I have collected some of my favorite places that I think you should visit:

Internet café:

In the middle of Thorshavn there is this cute little internet café, they sell ice cream and cake and other drinks like coffee and milkshake. It's super cute (has great internet by the way) and there is also a lot of books and magazines you can read.


 A small café in Thorshavn. I visited this café with my family and they made some great sandwiches and smoothies (it was like the third time my family visited it). It tastes really good and it was a seriously cozy and nice place for lunch


 Not that far from the biggest mountain on the Faeroe Islands, there was this cute waffle place, that sold really good tasting waffles. But the best thing was this valley, it was seriously beautiful. The water in it was so clean and clear, I could see all the way to the button. It was very beautiful and inspiring.

 The seal woman:

 There is this tale about a seal woman, it's a quite inspiring story with a beautiful statue. The statue was placed on this small island, with very few houses but some great beautiful mountains. I took a lot of great photos on that island, and it's definitely a place worth visiting.

 I hope this gave you some travel ideas

 See you!

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