tirsdag den 27. oktober 2015

Daily lookbook 27-10-2015

Hey Friends!

I'm just so bad at letting summer go, so I'm once again wearing a dress and some tights. I have to accept that autumn is here, and it's soon November, and it's cold outside. So that is why I'm wearing a lovely sweater on top of my dress. The flowers on the dress is the same color as the shirt, so both parts match in this adorable way.

I'm a girl that wears dresses and skirts all year around so for me it is very hard to find clothes for winter. I will do a winter inspiration book, and show you some of the bloggers and different pictures I will find inspiration from this winter. I will need your help for this, so please comment down below if there is somebody (maybe even yourself) who is a big inspiration for your winter wardrobe. I'm also thinking about doing a inspiration book for design and interior. What do you think?

Dress: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Tights: Change

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will come out with a new blog post already on Thursday or Friday. I hope you will stay tuned to see more.

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