torsdag den 8. oktober 2015

Haul #5 - Preparing myself for the cold weather

Hey friends!

 I've been shopping a bit these past days, looking for some of my absolute needs. Since it's getting colder, and I live in Denmark, I then have to be prepared for the season suddenly changing, so I thought I would get my self some warmer replacements for my summer/fall clothes.
 There is a few needs down below as well but I will tell you a lot more about that.

 I bought the black jeans, cause I really needed them. I lost my only pair quite a while ago and I've been badly needing them ever since. It was such a relief when I finally got myself some. It just gave me so many more fashion opportunities. These jeans were quite nice also because they had some sipper details, it made them a bit more rough.
 I bought some nice thick tights, because I love wearing dresses, and since it's way to cold for bare legs I decided to get my self some thick tights. Since I love summer, I love two wear flowered dresses as well, all year round, you can see how I styled these tights in my weekly lookbook, coming on Monday. I also got myself some nice nylon tights in a light brown color, cause I honestly always need a pair of those.
 Like I just said, the weather is getting colder so I needed a warm winter coat, I was so lucky that Vila had sale on all their jackets the day I went looking for one. So I got this super nice fairy tale coat, I feel like Snowwhite in it, it's such a nice feeling. The jacket has a big hood and some deep pockets and I will honestly say that it was a claim for my jacket.
 I love buying bras in Change, they have a lot of different sizes and support very well. With these bras I also got a matching pair of underwear, they're so just so cute!





I hoped you enjoyed this post and found it useful. I personally enjoy making these kind of posts, since I really enjoy reading them as well.

See you soon!

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