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Where to Visit - Copenhagen Tivoli (Halloween edition)

Hey Friends!

Last week I was in Tivoli in Copenhagen, to see there Halloween fair. I was there last year (also with my boyfriend), and this year was just as cozy and just as nice as last year. Tivoli is of course nice all year around but there is something special about Halloween and Christmas in Tivoli. Even though some of the roller coasters are closed at this time of the year, the trip is worth it.
In this post I will show you all the places and roller coasters you have to visit/try if you go to Copenhagen Tivoli.

The pumpkin competition:

In front of this massive building and garden is ten (almost) bigger pumpkins lined. Every year Tivoli has this pumpkin competition about who can get the biggest pumpkin. It's always a big surprise to see how big they can be.

The shops:

A thing you just have to do is to go into every single little shop on the streets in Tivoli. They all have some cute, funny and inspiring things. I love just going around looking into every shop and noting things on my Christmas wishlist.
They always have these funny signs that you can see down below. I always wanted some, but there is so many that I just can't decide.

The small burgers:

On one of the many streets in Tivoli there is this adorable trolley who sells mini burgers. The bun is small but there is twice as much stuffing as a normal burger, and it tastes amazing. The shop also sell warm apple juice, and it was such a nice way to warm our cold hands.


Some people think you have to buy Churros when you're in Tivoli, I think you have to buy pancakes. They stuff the pancakes, with banana, jam, chocolate, nuts, sugar, syrup, icing sugar, simply just everything you could ever wish for. Many shops sell them, and they all taste amazing.


You, of course, have to try a roundabout when you're in Tivoli. It's just filled with childhood memories and joy.

China Town:

China Town is such a lovely place, filled with cute shops and nice walks and some of the funniest roller coasters like: The demon, The Golden Tower and one of my favorites Monsunen.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and may you have a wonderful weekend!
See you!

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