tirsdag den 24. november 2015

Test - Clinique foundation and concealer

Hey friends!

About two weeks ago I decided to invest in a bit more high-end foundation (since my skin was having an outbreak). I went for a walk in Matas, and I tried on a lot of different foundations, looking for a foundation I've seen or blogs or something like it. I ended up at Clinique thinking that I've heard a lot of nice things about their foundations and concealers.
I then tried on a bit. It matched my skin color so beautiful and it had a high coverage so I decided to use the 26 pounds I did on it.

Find it here

To give you a better picture on it's coverage I decided to do an before and after picture. The first picture is from when I just put it on and the second one is about nine hours later. I'm sorry that the lighting is so different but it was much lighter outside when I got home. I hope you can still see the result.

In the morning:

9 hours later:

Only the biggest bum on my forehead decided to show after nine hours. I have to admit that I'm quite impressed by it.
It's a bit shiny, I have to admit that. But with a good powder I don't think it's going to be a that big problem.
It basically keeps my skin shiny and clean looking all day which I was quite impressed by. It is a foundation and concealer in one so I was expecting a high coverage. I usually use my beauty blender for this.

I hope you found this post useful. I'm going to make more of these kind of tests, so I really hope you're prepared to see more makeup tests.
See you!

tirsdag den 17. november 2015

Inspiration book - Fashion - Winter 2016

Hey friends!

I’m finally here again with my Fashion inspiration book for winter. I’ve been looking forward to making this, since I always get inspiration to my styles from bloggers, brands and just outfits I find online, I find many of my pictures on Pinterest. They have such a rich amount of beautiful designs that I feel seriously inspired by. I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I have really missed it, but I've been working on my inspiration book that is finally ready for you all.

It’s like I fall in love with the same things every winter. Baggy sweaters, scarves and thigh high boots. This winter I’m looking for some of the same things. I have made a list down below of my biggest inspiration bloggers, pictures and essentials.


I love that her style is so everyday, like I could easily see myself in her clothes. I really like that all her outfits seem quite simple but a sudden color, a big scarf or like it, make it seem like so much more. She is inspiring me to try out new things and colors, I've never thought would match.
I've never really been an expert at making jeans look interesting, it have always been a challenge for me. Her styling helps me a lot in an outfit envy, since layering never really have been my strong side. And she also shows that a cute handbag can save any outfit.

I first saw Samantha Maria on YouTube. She make some great, cute videos and I liked them instantly, wanting to see more I began to follow her blog on Bloglovin.
Her style is feminine, simple but with a daring twist. Not like she do that much in colors but she try out a lot different designs and combine many different items that I've never seen in a combined outfit before.
Also like me she is a skirt and dress lover, and since this is a winter inspiration book, I'm loving that she combine the skirts and dresses in a way that is winter proof.


Whenever I need inspiration for a shopping trip, or just the outfit of the day, I have a habit of looking through some pictures. Sometimes it's WeHeartIt or Tumblr but most of the time it's Pinterest. All of the pictures down below, you can find the link to on my Pinterest, Tumblr or WeHeartIt.


Big scarves:
I just love big, cozy scars, it's like somebody is giving you a constant hug, holding you warm. I love that it makes me feel all Christmas like, and I feel ready for the winter.
I think that a lot of bloggers are doing the layering style with scarves since it's such an easy method, and I also think that it's a great idea, a cute scarf just make everything seem more interesting. 

I fall in love with the big sweater every winter. It's fluffy, cozy, warm and stylish for every outfit. You can put on a dress, skirt, jeans or even use it with just tights. I feel like this is an all time essential for winter, and it's also a item you can use every winter. So if you're looking for something to invest in go for a big sweater.

Long skirts:
I've already been talking way to much about skirts in this post, it's just because I really love them, and the fact that long skirts have become a trend, I adore it. I'm still looking for some beautiful long skirts, so if you have found one that you are in love with, please comment where you got it.
The thing about long skirts is that it can be styled with everything, and will be. It can be classy and everyday like.

I feel like the chequered shirt is such an essential this year, I often see bloggers and youtubers as well  as people on the street wearing chequered shirts. I'm not that much of a shirt person but I guess that with a cute skirt I can make it work.

I really hope you enjoyed this blogpost, cause I really enjoyed making it. Should I do a inspiration book for interior and makeup as well? Let me know what you think.
See you!

søndag den 8. november 2015

Daily Lookbook 08-11-2015

Hey friends!

I have to admit that being in a long distance relationship make me miss my significant other. So whenever he 'forgets' or I 'loan' one of his shirts I then wear it whenever I miss him a lot. I do also have to admit that this happens quite often.
Here I'm wearing one of his shirts (I actually gave this one to him quite a while ago) with black panties, I decided to wear a simple makeup and a small top bun.

I hope you will find some inspiration in this post and I will see you soon!

Boyfriends shirt: H&M
Pants: Nielsens
Jacket: Vila
Bag: Day Birger et Mikkelsen
Shoes: (similar:)Here
Watch: (similar:) Here