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Test - Clinique foundation and concealer

Hey friends!

About two weeks ago I decided to invest in a bit more high-end foundation (since my skin was having an outbreak). I went for a walk in Matas, and I tried on a lot of different foundations, looking for a foundation I've seen or blogs or something like it. I ended up at Clinique thinking that I've heard a lot of nice things about their foundations and concealers.
I then tried on a bit. It matched my skin color so beautiful and it had a high coverage so I decided to use the 26 pounds I did on it.

Find it here

To give you a better picture on it's coverage I decided to do an before and after picture. The first picture is from when I just put it on and the second one is about nine hours later. I'm sorry that the lighting is so different but it was much lighter outside when I got home. I hope you can still see the result.

In the morning:

9 hours later:

Only the biggest bum on my forehead decided to show after nine hours. I have to admit that I'm quite impressed by it.
It's a bit shiny, I have to admit that. But with a good powder I don't think it's going to be a that big problem.
It basically keeps my skin shiny and clean looking all day which I was quite impressed by. It is a foundation and concealer in one so I was expecting a high coverage. I usually use my beauty blender for this.

I hope you found this post useful. I'm going to make more of these kind of tests, so I really hope you're prepared to see more makeup tests.
See you!

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