onsdag den 10. januar 2018

19 Things I Want To Get Done In My 19th Year

Hi love! I just turned 19 a couple of days ago and its a bit crazy that I already know how much that will happen this year. I'm looking crazy much forward to it. That is why I wanted to do a list (a bit like New Years resolutions just my birthday) for what I want to achieve through my 19th year. When I'm about to turn 20 I will get back to you and tell how much I've achieved, hopefully it all.

Hej elskede! Jeg fyldte 19 for et par dage siden og det er lidt skørt at jeg allerede ved hvor meget der kommer til at ske i år. Jeg ser vanvittig meget frem til det. Det er derfor jeg besluttede mig for at lave en liste (lidt ligesom nytårsfortsæt bare fra min fødselsdag) over hvad jeg vil opnå i løbet af mit nittende år. Når jeg er ved at fylde 20 vil jeg vende tilbage til jer med hvor meget jeg har opnået, forhåbentlig det hele.

Go To The Opera

Take More Photos

Do More Strength Training

Cause it's really hard to do gain muscle weight without it

Go On A Vacation With A Friend

Be Less Afraid Of Sharing

Finish A Book

Like finish writing one...

Learn To Sew

Graduate High School

Celebrate That I Graduated

With both friends and family

Experiment More With Food

Try Out A New Kind Of Workout

Continue Being A Vegetarian

Find A New Job

Even though I love my job then I have to find something else soon

Be Active At Least An Hour A Day

Read A Book A Month

Take Better Care Of My Hair

Practice Foreign Languages More

The ones I already know a bit like English and Spanish

Focus On What I Love

Travel Somewhere New

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