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Current Favourites

Hey friends!
I feel like those monthly favourites really aren't my thing, first of all do I have a hard time finding a lot of new favourites each month. So I've decided I wanted to change it up a bit and once in a while give you these 'current favourites' with everything from fashion to beauty to health related pieces.
Lets get started cause there is alot to talk about!

Rimmel London - Long Lasting Full Coverage Foundation 100 Ivory
I was positively surprised by this. I've heard a lot about Rimmel Londons foundations and since I'm used to higher end foundation and concealer I didn't expect much of it, but I really liked it! It's a very glowy foundation making your skin look healthy and fresh, the texture is quite liquid but that isn't something a good blend can't fix.

Lancôme - Doll Eyes So Black! + MaxFactor Masterpiece glamour extensions
I do love both mascaras but in a combination it's brilliant. They both have this volumizing effect making my lashes long and full. For an everyday look I prefer to wear them seperatly since it might seem a bit too much with that big lashes if not at a party.

Maybelline New York - Master Drama Chromatics Turquoise Vibe
I haven't been wearing eyeliner that much lately mostly because I've gotten tired of the black winged liner. So I wanted to experiment with a new colour and why not a fresh blue to bring out the blue in my eyes! The line can be made thick and thin depends on the mood and occasion which is great for me and my changing moods.

L'Orèal Paris - Skin Perfection Awakening Eye Cream
Lately I've been loving alot of eyeshadow in a lot of different variations of colours which means that my eyes dry out easily. It isn't the strongest eye cream but suitable for an everyday use as a part of my evening routine. 

Comwell Spalosphy - Salt Body Scrub 
What a luxury it is to be able to give your entire body a nice scrub making it feel silk soft afterwards. I've been loving this salt scrub since it's incredibly moisturizing and my sensitive skin has no problem with it even though it might feel a bit harsh when massaging it into the skin.

Comwell Spalosophy - Exfoliating FaceScrub
Again a scrub from the same company with a lovely face scrub, again it gives the skin a nice moisture to it and might feel a bit harsh when massaging into the skin but it isn't something my skin breaks out on. 

Davines - Oil all in one milk
Who don't love shiny, volumizing hair that will make any L'Oreal model jaloux? I've been seriously impressed by how well this hairoil keeps the hair shiny and gorgeous through out the day. I do in general love the brand Davines but this is definitely one of my favourite products.

Zara - Pleated Pants
This is just a stable piece in my wardrobe by now. Some people might find it hard to mix and match with other pieces but I love using these pants with any kind of shirt and jacket and so on, it's interesting how many possibilities I get with it. Not only is it a very fashionable piece but also a pair that feels like the best pajama bottoms. 

Bershka - Sweatshirt
Yes the qoute is genius but the biggest reason to why I love this shirt is because it's so easy to throw over on a relaxing day. It's comfortable and will be lovely to wear in the winter with a pair of culotte or flared pants.

Yes Please - Amy Poehler
If you're in need of a good laugh take a look at this book and get a good read with it. I'm not used to reading biographies so it take some time for me to get through it but the parts I've read by now I've loved. 

Well that was quite alot hopefully you found some use in it anyway and I promise to be back soon with the weekly video. If you're interested in seeing a evening routine then that will be my next project.

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