onsdag den 8. februar 2017

Prom & Classy Party Dress Inspiration

Hey friends! Is prom already getting on your nerves or is there a fancy occasion in the near future that you are in desperate need of a new dress for? It could be your wedding, or you could need a bridesmaid dress for someone else wedding? In collaboration with Gina Fratini I've found some seriously beautiful dresses to inspire you for the next big thing.


On the theme of Valentines Day I've looked through their gorgeous evening and homecoming dresses and collected some of my favourites, not only for Valentines Day but also dresses I would be using for lots of other occasions. 

4 | 56

I know people whom is already looking for prom dresses for next year if you're a early bird or last minute shopping to find the dream dress then there is a beautiful variety of prom dresses. If you want the newest of the new trend of prom dresses then look at the collection 2017 prom dresses.
If you're looking for a few cheaper options for a prom dress fortunately there is also a lot of cheap prom dresses. I've tried to collect a variety of different prices, colours and textiles from tulle to lace prom dresses.

How beautiful, but I hope you liked this post, I love to make fashion related posts and there will definitely be more! See you soon!

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